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Art articles enrich those who will engage with them. Pour over the art articles on this website to see what the current and past thinking is within the art world. This is a non-commercial, informational site intended for your reading pleasure. Let us know if you have an article to share.

Mark Rothko stated, "I’m not an abstractionist. I’m not interested in the relationship of color or form or anything else. I’m interested only in expressing basic human emotions: tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on."


eith Haring had a different take on what art is, "The best reason to paint is that there is no reason to paint....I'd like to pretend that I've never seen anything, never read anything, never heard anything...and then make something....Every time I make something I think about the people who are going to see it and every time I see something, I think about the person who made it....Nothing is everything is important."

With so many differing opinions it is hard to focus on exactly what is what is not art. Many will tell you their opinions such as "I don't know what good art is, but I know if I like it or not" and this seems to be the sentiment with many.


Paul Gaugin at one time said, "Painting is the most beautiful of all arts. In it, all sensations are condensed; contemplating it, everyone can create a story at the will of his imagination and.. with a single glance...have his soul invaded by the most profound recollections; no effort of memory, everything is summed up in one instant. A complete art which sums up all the others and completes them." Gaugin was as eloquent with speech as he was with a paint brush and painter's hat.

Theo Van Gogh once said of brother, Vincent, "He (Vincent) has painted a few portraits which have turned out well, but he always does them for no payment. It is a pity that he does not want to earn something, for if he did want to he could make something here, but you can't change a person."

So many artists have not had any acclaim to fame or fortune during their own lifetimes. It is only after they are gone that the general public tends to take notice and appreciate the master artist. And even for those few who have claimed some form of notoriety, it is not all a bed of roses.

As David Hockney has said, "I know some people think one leads a glamorous life, but I must admit I've never felt that myself. Even when you've sat here in Hollywood with a swimming pool out there, I still feel my life is just as a working artist, actually."

And so goes the life of a working artist. Some get to live the dream and some are not impressed by it when they get it. Yet, a lucky few get to live the dream and are impressed by it at the same time. Which kind of artist do you want to be? Impressed or unimpressed? Or even depressed?

And, the bigger question is are you in it for the art or are you in it for the lifestyle? Many artists and writer dream of the lifestyle without a true passion and commitment to the art. If it's only the lifestyle you want there are perhaps better ways to achieve this than being a working artist. If however, you would wrather do art than anything else, then you've found your bliss and that is a reward in and of itself.




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